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Enrich Battery Charger with USB plug

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Introduction Of Function

Blue Light Indicates charging and electricity quantity.  While Batteries Placed into this charger at correct pole positions, blue indicator will start lighting up (not apply when voltage is below 2.8 v, in order to protect battery in case of over discharge from internal). Blue  indicator will continue flashing after this charging this charger being plugged in. Once electricity quantity reached the first grid, the first blue light will stay solidly on and second Blue Light start flashing, and so on till battery is fully charged, on which occasion all blue lights will be solidly on and cease flashing. In case that battery is placed at a wrong pole position, red indicator will be solidly on and charging continues until battery is replaced at correct pole position and red light is off. This charger can charge two 18650 batteries in one go.  There are two independent intelligent internal circuits to ensure a full protection from anti access, over charging and over discharging.  Therefore it is highly recommended as a reliable, high class and secure 18650 battery charger. 
Illustration of Index Input:  DC>5V, Current>1.5A, Ripple Wave

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