Aisu by ZAP! Juice Nic Saltz 10ml E Liquid 20mg E Juice eLiquid Nic Salts View larger

Aisu by ZAP! Juice Nic Saltz 10ml E Liquid 20mg E Juice eLiquid Nic Salts

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Aisu 10ml e-liquid

Aloe Vera - A mix of sweet and sour with a cool finish. The aloe vera has an authentic sweetness to it that plays towards bitter, with a floral aftertaste, the ice creates a chilly exhale in a 70% VG blend
Blackcurrant - Combines a dark forest fruit with a cool exhale. The blackcurrant is very sweet with sour notes for balance, the icy flavour is smooth and chilly in a 70% VG blend
Blue Raspberry - Perhaps the sweetest from the range, with a sugary inhale that’s light with tart notes. The addition of ice creates a cooling effect for a smooth finish in a 70% VG blend
Cucumber - A mellow taste with a cool exhale. The cucumber is light with a herbal profile that has a sweet and crisp flavour, ice compliments the cucumber for a fresh aftertaste in a 70% VG blend
Dragon Fruit - A sweet and punchy 70% VG blend of fruit with an icy finish. The dragonfruit flavour is sweet on inhale with a tart note. On exhale, ice provides a cool balance of taste
Green Apple - An intense fruit flavour, the green apple has a naturally sweet taste with sour notes. The icy exhale gives this ejuice a crisp texture and ripe aftertaste, with a cooling effect in a 70% VG blend
Mango - A tropical and cool blend. The sweet mango flavour is vibrant with a ripe aftertaste that has a genuine fruity inhale, that’s combined with ice for a chilly finish in a 70% VG blend
Melon - A vibrant combination of sweet and tart notes, the melon flavour is bold with a sour edge to it. The ice creates a cool exhale, that balances the fruit flavour for a smooth vape in a 70% VG blend
Pink Guava - Combines a delicate fruit with ice. The pink guava flavour is sweet bordering on tart with a sugary note; the ice adds a cool wave for a smooth aftertaste in a 70% VG blend
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